“ Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward in the same direction.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

As with all subgroups within a society, the African American “bisexual’ woman for so long has been overlooked, misunderstood and devalued. History in the US alone has always defined the African American woman as promiscuous or an object of lust. I offer no arguments against the latter with the caveat of her also being the most desired and revered for reasons far superior to her physicality.  The ability to love across gender lines or being “bisexual” places this subgroup in a unique position within a subgroup within a subgroup ( I get claustrophobic just thinking about it.). The African American woman has come forth specifically to teach through her living what unconditional love looks like. She can’t conform, though she will adapt, to conditions that require her to change who she is in order for others to feel better about their experiences. She is a quintessential leading edge lover who’s a catalyst to love without condition.

Being on the leading edge of societal realignment, she lives her life experiencing the contrast of creative survival. As much as she desires to live fully in her true orientation, fear keeps her from doing so. The opiate of her worst fears relates to someone else’s distorted view of how she should live her life.  With this distorted view and a system of values and morals that quite often contradict each other, there is the added  fear of losing God’s love. Most often as a result of being told in her formative years of a God that punishes those who engage in the sinful act of same sex love.

Living on the down low, the African American “bisexual” woman sifts through life’s contrasting events exposing and discarding what she does not want by creating a desire for what she does. She does not fit neatly into a box of sexual identity chocolates to be lusted after and consumed. She is a natural born lover,a leading edge lover. In my book, DownLow Sister OnTop I showcased some African American “bisexual” women who have gone unnoticed while creating their seat at the roundtable of love, acceptance and allowing.


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