For well over a decade my passion for uplifting others has been an amazing reawakening journey – primarily for me. At the height of a promising career in corporate America, I decided to pursue my dreams of becoming a filmmaker and a professional bodybuilder. Launching my first multimedia company, I produced two short films, a pilot for a tv show, a screenplay and two stage plays. However, within the next 5 years I had two near fatal car accidents , lost most of my material possessions and endured homelessness. My world felt like it was falling apart yet, I kept hearing , "The lord will not put no more on you than you can bare." I couldn't feel that in my pain but, I needed to believe isn something. The phrase whispered into my spirit and, would not allow me to ignore it. The more I believed it, the more things showed up in my life for me to find comfort in that belief. My body buiding career took a detour but, I found the intersection of the mind, body and soul in the total healing process. My filmmaking career took a back seat for a period as well. I did not feel my creativity but, I never stopped writing. Through my writing, I began to write notes to God as a way to try to connect to what I felt I had lost on the inside. To my surprise, I became aware of the fact that those things I thought I was doing right but went wrong did not matter. And, I had been focusing on loving everything around me except me. So, when all those things and people were gone I was lost. All that was left was me and I needed some of my attention. Friends, family and acquaintances noticed my transformation. Some of them invited me to speak at conferences, on panels, facilitate workshops and basically share my story. I've met some amazing people along the way. Some have become friends. All I consider my mentors, my tribe. People like Vernice "Flygirl" Armour, Marcia Weider, Arthur Joseph, Dov S-S Simons, Lisa Sasevich, Les Brown, John Singleton, Lisa Nichols and many others. I mention them here only to impart something else I heard in my youth, '' It takes a village.' With their leadership, I morphed into who I am yet to become. My company, Jenise Inc., is the hub for inspiring and awakening transformation in others. My intention is to create moments in which people can connect to their authentic selves and the power of self love. I travel worldwide with my message of leading edge love. I'm honored to work with organizations to include but not limited to; AHEAD Inc., Bridges to Communities, Community Justice Film Series, DIP Global Media and World Ebony Network. Who Am I, Really? I'm many things in both how I present and, in my presence. I'm a leading edge lover, non-conforming, multilayered being. A force of nature who lives a life of freedom. I love to laugh, watch movies, sing, dance and, inspire others to jump with the intention to fly.

DownLow Sister OnTop (Buy now) is a celebration of the African American bisexual woman who has lived her life under the radar. It exposes her vulnerabilities and fears while simultaneously revealing a woman who is fearless in her determination to live in her authenticity.  The African American bisexual woman, in her mastery of the four arts; lieing, social networking, power of  influence and selfishness makes her a quintessential leading edge lover poised to usher others into unconditional love.

Jenise Brown sits at the helm of this well-conceived and very passionate movement. View the book here.

Ask the Bisexual:  Incomplete Guide to Identifying A Bisexual debunks some of the ridiculousness surrounding bisexuality and  invites the reader to rethink ignorance. With humor and sincerity Ask the Bisexual takes  the top ten false premises and flip them on their backs with truth . Any resemblance to all bisexuals or heterosexuals or homosexuals or any other orientation, is strictly coincidental and highly probable.

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